Friday, September 14, 2012

What I've been doing, while not doing this...

This is going to completely shock everyone. That is totally my intention. I'm writing a blog post! Which is my first post in months, and the last one was my first post in months. Clearly not a steller track record. But beggars can't be choosers, and if you are still reading this you are clearly my family. And you can't get rid of me! HA. Updates:
March- went to Vegas, was horribly disappointed that Celine was sick. This ruined the whole trip in my mind. Plus I don't know how to gamble and walking up and down streets tires me, which in turn makes me cranky, which in turns makes even my closest loved ones mildly hate me. So again not steller. I did have my Oceans Eleven moment at the Belligo fountain show, which almost made up for the rest of the trip. If I ever go back it will be only for Celine.

April- applied for a couple jobs (foreshaddowing)

May- Said goodbye to Grandma Fehling's house. There were so many memories, navagating the super steep stairs to the second floor, or playing with some truly retro barbies that she always keep in the front closet. It was bittersweet but it was great to see everyone and have a chance to take home some memories.

June- Finally interviewed for jobs I applied for in April. Got offered TWO!!! And accepted a new position as a supervisor in a different department at work.

July- Started new job, once again I moved sites so new I am back at the Giant Jordan Creek campus in West Des Moines.

August- Work, work, work and more work.

September- Took a day off of work to complete a tourist day in Des Moines with some friends, we took a tour of the Capitol Building, walked around the east village, and toured the Art Center.

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