Monday, October 22, 2012


My birthday sucked. But as this is a super normal thing for me, I wallowed for like 14 hrs and then moved on. The Friday after my birthday was much improved. Thanks so much friends/wine. Also for all the Birthday wishes from so many of you! I really did love them!

Total weight loss as of 10/18= 5.8 pounds! The two other people and I at work are up to a total of 18 during the last three weeks.

I still hate my headphones while working out. But I am being cheap and lazy. If anyone wants to give me a delayed birthday or early birthday present I wouldn't turn away headphones.

But the plus side is I am working out. I try to go most nights after work and commit about an hour to the gym. Today I learned that I absolutely need to stay away from the TV showing Hoarders. Because man that is usually some truly gross stuff they remove peoples homes.

My lovely and loving sister allowed me to do 5 loads of laundry at her house, and she feed me! All I had to do was watch her three adorable children for like an hour and a half. We completed a puzzle- even Noelle managed to help without being destructive. Kind of magical.

I leave for CA so, so, so soon! Can't wait to see Cheryl and Jim. They have some amazing things planned for me already.

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