Monday, October 1, 2012

TV take two

After a week of new shows I have some updates of my early predictions.
The Mob doctor is losing me fast, I still just recording week to week. Zach Gilford's role isn't nearly big enough to overcome the rest of the show.

Revolution just tonight won a season pass spot on my DVR. The majority of what I've seen wasn't what did it, but the last scene in last week's episode has me hooked for a couple more episodes. Plus I have been listening to the podcast and that keeps me more involved than with other shows.

Ben and Kate- was fantastic. I laughed out loud so many, many times. Season pass, no regrets.

The Mindy Project- it was going to get a season pass no matter what, but I still liked it.

Revenge isn't new this year, however I managed to catch up with season one on netflix in a mere night. Season pass- at least until other DVR conflicts on Thursday push it to Hulu viewing.

We have already had our first showdown on the DVR. Thursday have traditionally been a horrible night for my TV, I pretty much DVR all of NBC's comedy block, I can't miss Vampire Diaries on CW, Glee just got moved to Thursday's this year, and Grey's Anatomy is something I want to record but am never able to. I also usually try to get It's always Sunny, and Archer on FX.

For the record even though all those shows aren't airing new episode yet, I had to let Grey's go, because Parks and Rec and The Office are too important to me.

So that is what I watched last week- along with Modern Family, the Middle, Fringe, Once upon a time, and Revenge. What have you been watching?

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