Friday, March 1, 2013

192.8 Sticks of Butter

Since starting my weight loss journey in October I've lost (and by lost I mean said goodbye and never plan on finding again) 192.8 sticks of butter. For people who don't naturally picture losses in sticks of butter like me that is 48.2 pounds. I am pretty sure that might be my Johnson nephew's put together. Can you imagine losing a Charley and Drew?

I feel a lot better, the difference is pretty evident to people who haven't seen me in a while, and people who didn't even know I was trying to loss weight have noticed.

One of the perks and drawbacks are my clothes. I have lost 4 sizes in my pants. Which means everything that I used to wear last fall looks pretty sad now. Because I am apparently a border line hoarder I had some smaller sizes still in my closet but I am down to 2 pairs of jeans (which were new purchases) I'm willing to wear outside my place. And work clothes are tricky because most of my pants don't have belt loops, it will become necessary to hold my pants up soon. Last month I traveled to Oskaloosa and my lovely Mother tailored a giant pile of my clothes. Where I was able to squeeze another week or two out of them it soon became evident I was fighting a losing battle with sag, and all of those pants save one pair were donated to goodwill last week. At this point I am praying for warm weather, I have dresses and skirts in my closet that I am hopeful will be able to get me through spring with the right placement of a belt or cardigan.

I have a biometric screening scheduled for March 11th. My goal is to have crossed the 50 pound loss mark by then. I know they are going to tell me I need to lose weight, but at least I will be able to tell them that I am 50 pounds in better shape than 6 months ago.

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