Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And another one bites the dust

I was wearing a pair of dress pants that back in October fit, but just barely, and today they just looked a bit odd. All baggy in the legs and saggy in the butt. Not that I have an amazing butt or anything but usually in well fitting pants. my butt looks pretty good. Today it was lackluster. So I have decided to retire them to the goodwill pile. Luckily for me Younkers is having a goodwill sale right now, and I have a whole bag of clothes and shoes that no longer fit and need new homes. So is anyone going to need a Younkers Coupon? I imagine I will be in the possession of several by the weekend. Another weird side effect of losing weight? None of my shoes fit anymore. I used to love to wear ballet flats to work, they were simple to slip on, and never uncomfortable, now I walk right out of them. Like all of them. That was at least half of my shoes. I didn't think my feet were fat until I started to lose weight. Turns out I am between a size 8 and 8 1/2, but  had been routinely buying 9's or 9 1/2's since high school. I am down to like 3 pairs of dress shoes which are all heels, which luckily due to weight loss are now comfortable to wear all day long.

Today I also had my bio-metric screening. My news wasn't great, but because of WW i already knew my stats and that I need to lose weight. Most of my other results were right in the normal range, however my good cholesterol is lower than they like and my blood pressure was just slightly higher than they would like. Hopefully next year when I get it completed again I will be in the normal ranges for everything.

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