Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Adventures in Babysitting

I have had the extreme fortune of babysitting 3 very special children a couple of times in the last month. They are the best! Also they are full of dotable quoteables:

Noelle: Are those your dancing shoes? (nude ballet flats)
Me: No they are just my shoes
Noelle: But you dance in them?
Me: Yeah, I dance in just about anything
Noelle: So they're you dancing shoes!

Noelle: Stop talking to me
Me: Well then stop talking to me...
Noelle: Stop talking to me
Me: Stop talking to me
(and so on for like 5 minutes)

Dallas had continued to watch Dukes of Hazard as the credits rolled because "I like to hear the song again"

Dallas: Did you come to my birthday party?
Me: Yes
Dallas: Did I add you to the list for my birthday party?
Me: I don't know are you going to invite me this year?
Dallas: Ashley (another babysitter, who is a teenager) is on my list, I think I will add you to my list.

Emily is beyond excited about her upcoming birthday just ask her about it.

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