Friday, May 3, 2013

Another milestone for the books...

Back in March when I signed up for the Klompen Classic I imagined the weather for May 1st-3rd was going to be amazing and gorgeous in the high 60's to 70's sunny and amazing. Much like the weather last weekend. What did I end up with? SNOW, it's freaking May Iowa, why is it still snowing? Has anyone seen the internet memes that picture and a copy machine saying something super crazy and it is like: Go Home copy machine, you are drunk. That is exactly what I want to say to the Spring. Go Home Spring, you're drunk.

Anyway back to the original point, when I signed up for this race, I also took the next two days off work planning on attending Tulip Time in all the amazing weather we were to be having. Except, we didn't, have amazing weather I mean. I have seen tulip time before so I just skipped the whole thing and drove home Thursday morning. Thursday's are normally my weigh in days for weight watchers but because I weigh in at work, and I wasn't at work I decided to give myself one more day to recover from the Taco Johns I felt I had earned after my race. Really I did earn it and I think between my daily points and activity points I stayed within my allotment. But it was a lot more sodium than I try to intake prior to weigh in so I wanted to give my body another day to recover. Instead I picked out the earliest meeting available on Friday, morning meetings are the best because it is similar to when my normal weigh in is, and I don't necessary have to eat prior=better weigh in. I had attending this particular meeting before, in December right after I had moved and once again had missed my normal weigh in do to vacation. Ironically enough it snowed on that day too.

This meeting was totally unlike my usual meetings, I showed up about 10 minutes early and the line for weigh in was almost to the door. This meeting was hopping. Weigh in went well, I lost 1.2 pounds- for a total of 65.2 pounds. Shut the front door! 65.2, that is 260 sticks of butter y'all. They  asked if I wanted to stay and celebrate and I said yes. It was great hearing from different people about their success and struggles. And I was so, so pleased to share my celebration with the group. It might have been because no one knew me, or because the leader made such a big deal, but I could not stop smiling, I was so proud of the that 65.2 pounds. Plus the applause is amazing for the ego. When you are in the middle of it, it is easy to lose sight oh how amazing that loss is, but this group made me really feel how awesome it truly was. After the meeting several people stopped me to congratulate me personally and ask me how long I had been on WW. It was great. We have a pretty small core at work group, which I like, I feel like I really can get to know others, but I worry sometimes that I contribute to much. I have never been a person who can handle awkward silences, when our leader asks questions I feel like I have to speak up and rescue her so we aren't just sitting in silence for 30 minutes. It was a nice change of pace to just be able to sit back and enjoy what everyone else was saying.

My experience was very uplifting today. Happy Friday y'all!

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