Monday, May 27, 2013

Photo Comparison 33 weeks

I try not to make my whole blog out of weight loss, but it is clearly the most interesting thing about  me right now, so it is either weight loss or running. Below is a picture I have up in my office, I look at it everyday and don't always notice the differences between this shot 8 month ago and now. But every once in a while my manger will come to see me or someone will visit glance at this photo and tell me I don't even look like this girl anymore. So I thought it would be worth doing a comparison photo post:
 Sept 30th 2012 only days after joining WW
I actually remember looking at these pictures thinking I looked pretty good in them...
May 19, 2013, The angles are little different but, even so I think difference in shots is so noticeable.
Although I have no neck in this pic, the angle is as close as I could find to my original shot with Emily from September.

I don't have a ton of full body shots pre loss, and not that this one is a true full body shot, but I think at what could be tricky/not flattering angle doesn't look to bad.
Plus look how short I've gone with my hair!

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Sarah said...


I stalk your blog every once in awhile because Laura tells me all about your weight-loss. I told Laura I wanted to comment but thought that it would be creepy, and she said you'd love to hear it. So...You look FANTASTIC! It is awesome to see you making short- and long-term changes. I can see how happy you are, and you look so beautiful. Keep up the great work!