Friday, March 14, 2008

Bad news... good news...

Bad news first- Bad year for the housing market, and the economy. The housing market has been on a downward trend since about late 2005/early 2006 and is projected to bottom out sometime in late 2008 or even early 2009- why is a young women like myself writing about boring house statistics you say? I work for a large window manufacture and when people aren't building, buying or remolding there is 1) less work for me to do and 2) not good for my company. Yesterday the company announced it would be restructuring our (salaried) bonus structure. Which means if we can't pull through this year with some good results my bonus will be cut in half. yuck. I am hoping they don't have to completely get drastic like 17 years ago when they cut all salaried people's salaries by 10%- and it wasn't a short-term situation they never got them back, even when the market went back up- double yikes!
Good news- today at the gym I diversified and did some weight training- or a lot of it. I tried most of the machines that until today have, well baffled and terrified me. But building muscle is essential for burning fat so here I am building muscle! The weather finally looks to be warming up so I am hoping to be able to start walking to work soon. My gym requires "gym only" shoes so today at the grand opening of the new shoe place I picked up a new pair of "gym only" shoes and am going to retire my old pair to outdoor walking and running and biking- this spring looks to be a damp one so it will be nice to be able to get a pair muddy and not having to worry about cleaning them before going to the gym.

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