Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today has been one of those days were I really really didn't want to go to work. Surprisingly enough these days are pretty rare for me. Monday and Tuesday I was on a team at work which meant I was working days and not my 11 p.m. -9 a.m. routine. Naturally I kept my normal schedule Sunday and was wired from about midnight to 4 am on Monday unable to sleep. Luckily for me vending machine coffee is cheap at work and for a mere $.50 I was pleasantly alert at my team. Tuesday is what threw me off- I got off the team and out of my office at about 1 p.m. but couldn't sleep when i got home and man did I try. So today when I tried to get back on my regular work schedule I was wiped. I was awake at the right time to make it to work by startup but I was exhausted. I gave myself a break and reasoned that I didn't need to return to work in less than 12 hours of leaving. Thanks to some pre-planning I had let my boss know i might not go in until 2 a.m. and I caught a much needed 2 hour nap. At work today I pretty much went through the motions and bought my time until I could leave- I don't do that so often but with the slow season in the window business sometimes it is just to boring to do anything!
After work I busted home and changed into my workout gear and hit the gym. I joined a local gym last Monday and have to say I am doing a good job at going and working out. Last week I went Mon-Thurs. This week I have been Sun, Mon and Wed. I have been trying to eat better and actually catch all three meals in one day. I cut out pop completely and if you know my work schedule it was a hard choice. But I am surviving with lots of water and the occasional coffee. So far so good- getting a good workout in helps me sleep better and so I guess I am getting more rested all around. Well I have tons of pictures to post from 3 weekends ago I promised people so I have to split!

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Shirlee said...

Way to go, Lynne! You and Laura have to help me learn to post pictures