Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting back in the groove

I took a couple of days off from work last week. I had some carryover vacation that needed to be used! It was relaxing and i did get a few things done but mostly I was lazy. I only went to the gym on Wednesday. But I did walk home from and to the tire place on Friday when I was dropping off and picking up my car.
When I returned to work Monday my computer wouldn't turn on - IT gave me that sad news that it died later in the morning. That really through me off at work since I couldn't access any of my files. I also took a CPR/First Aid class at work yesterday. Now I know how to give CPR to anyone age 1 to 101 and how to use an AED- although those are pretty fool proof. I also learned some basic first aid. When I went in Monday I didn't realize the class was going to be 4 hours and it made for a long day.
Today at work I finally got my files recovered and got set up on another computer- got all I was planning to get done on Monday done today. After work I rushed to the gym and again started on my 5k training and then some weight lifting.
Well I am getting sleepy... so off to bed.

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