Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stressful Week

This week at work has been full of hard news. My area is working 28 hour weeks, but because we run things that work 24 hours a day we have to juggle things around and have half the team work at certain times and half work at other times. There hasn't been quite enough work for everyone so my budget isn't in the green (which is stressing me out). The weather in Kentucky and Ohio- where two of the off sites are located has halted both production and travel of completed products - leading to even less work available. I get really stressed out when I have to present bad news to my employees (which sadly has been pretty constant the last two weeks) I really worry about everyone. Today was the last day for several months for about 6 of my employees, they have volunteered to take time off- so hopefully the rest of us will have more work to complete. Hopefully the economy can start recovering! We need some good news!

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