Sunday, January 4, 2009

Movie Review

Tonight I went and saw the movie Marley & Me at the theatre. First off I am going to come clean and say I haven't read the book. Usually I am disappointed by movies that are based on books so it was actually refreshing to see the movie before reading the book. Mostly it was a funny sweet story of a family growing together. I am a long-time fan of Owen Wilson (and all of the Wilson brothers for that matter- they are much to cute) and he didn't disappoint. Alan Arkin, who plays Owen's Boss most of the movie, is both hilarious and sweet. Eric Dane- was all eye candy and reminded me of why I like Grey's Anatomy- crazy story lines and all. I even managed to enjoy Jennifer Anitson- she played the role of wife/mother great even if she looks way to good to be a mother of 3 (bonus I wanted all of her clothes, not counting the dated ones). The children were adorable - older Patrick breaks my heart at the end. Marley's misbehaving was always funny and never seemed to get old. Not to mention all the dogs used were too cute, esp the puppies- who could ever resist Clearance Puppy? I laughed out loud more times than I can count, and cried like the mushy girl I am at the end. All in all a fantastic way to spend my Saturday evening. I think I would love the book even more- the story is just irresistible.
Final Review: See it!
Caution- If you are a pet owner- yellow lab especially- you will cry like a baby.
Double Caution- I am undecided on my Cat or Dog person preference but I definitely wanted to run out and get a puppy at the end. Be forewarned- puppy ownership urge will happen!

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