Thursday, January 15, 2009

To state the oblivous- It's COLD!

I am sure everyone has already noticed - but it is Cold outside. All I can say I am ever so grateful for the office I have at work, because all my employees have to deal with the coldest temps in the coldest area. Work is going well- our transition into a 4 day work week has been a lot smoother than I expected. I think most people are enjoying the extra long weekend. I am pretty pepped about it myself. Last weekend I enjoyed a Thursday of fun filled distraction with Kelli- she came down to Pella to visit and we jambed in a whole lot into a few hours. We picked up breakfast, browsed at the thrift store, had lunch, browsed at the downtown stores, painted ceramics at Fire it Up! all and all super awesome! Saturday I went a girls night- saw the movie Bride Wars- pretty much a horrible movie, the characters not very like able but there were some cute boys and pretty dresses. Ladies do not ever force your men to attend, instead take all the girlfriends have a good laugh!

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