Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Because my less than skilled driving isn't game enough

So I might be the person, that some people know as the person who reads things as she drives. And I stress the might be part. Because frankly I have tapered off dangerous activities while driving significantly in the last year, and I almost never do such crazy things in the winter, rain or dark. That being said, I get really bored while driving, even when it is only a 15 min jaunt to work and back. Last week I had this fun little game of counting cars in the ditch, my tallies were as follows:
Wednesday P.M.: 15
Thursday A.M.: 19
Thursday P.M.: 25
Friday A.M: 29
Friday P.M. 31

Tonight while driving home I saw a semi pull off to the side of the road, I was worried he was having trouble or a flat, but no I car pulled off in front of it, and then.... the driver gets out with a present! It was like super awesome, think of the coordination it takes to get in the right spot at the same time to exchange something on the interstate! And people think I do dangerous things! ha!

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Shirlee said...

I like the fresh clean look of the white background. Old eyes thank you!