Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oh, I am aware, more than aware...

Don't worry I get it. Really I do. I have sucked it up big big time the last month when it comes to blogging. I fact i have done a pretty sketch job at responding to communication of all kinds. Why oh why can't you all read my mental responses? But that is in the past, new leaf!

Just to catch everyone up, I moved to Des Moines in the middle of December, I have a roommate now, we are doing a pretty great job at not killing each other. It is fabulous to have someone to talk to everyday and share utilities with. Plus we won a new TV from our rental company!

I spent my time during the crappy weather around Christmas with the Kibbe Family. Emily and I had a great time telling knock knock jokes, playing BOO!, singing jingle bells, and reenacting Family Guy commercials. On the 26th I celebrated Christmas with the family and the stomach flu- I can definitely vague for the cleanliness of Greg and Chels' toilet! Everyone did a great job taking care of me and also trying to stay healthy. Sadly Dad became the next victim of the family flu- although it seemed to get less severe with every person it got passed to.

I am super sad I missed Christmas with the Fehling family. I thought it best not expose anyone else, trust me it was NOT fun being sick. Hopefully everyone else had a great time without me!

Work has been keeping me busy, my new assignment requires more problem solving, fun, yet frustrating like a game of sudoku all day long!

I plan on continuing my book section with Books of 2010, and a new feature call Wines of 2010. I am going to try to feature a wine under $15 every other week or so, with a rating system of some sort!

And finally I am very excited that new episodes of televison have returned- oh my goodness do I LOVE Friday Night Lights!

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Kristel said...

sorry i can't read your mind, i just wanted to know you are alive and well! miss you!