Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ice and OCD: America's new epidemic

Let me just say I love kicking sludge off cars. Like if it were socially acceptable I would spend my weekends roaming around parking lots kicking sludge off of all the cars I could find. Seriously. It is like a dream of mine. The only thing that truly stops me are car alarms and footwear. I don't want to accidentally start any car alarms, and although I have spent a good portion of this winter trotting around in my fake ugg boots water still seeps through on occasion. Nothing is a buzz kill like wet socks.
Because of my little obsession you can easily imagine that getting to kick off sludge and ice from my car is one of the hi-lights of my winter season.
And. You. Would. Be. Right.
I also pretty much love when you can slip a huge chunk of ice off of a car! It really is the little things people, it really is. So Wednesday morning when Central Iowa was blessed with an ice storm I got beyond excited. My car was completed coated, but it really wasn't very difficult to scrap off enough for me to safely drive to work, I wanted to spend more time scraping away but sadly I also have an obsession with being on time for work, so I had to limit my fun.
But after work. Oh after work! It was like perfect. The car still pretty much coated, the rain had stopped, and it was warm enough outside to be comfortable combined with the fact I had no where to go but home. I spent far, far to long breaking and scrapping all the ice I could possibly reach off my car. Seriously not going to lie, a total hi-light of my week!
Sadly this is where my OCD kicks in, I could spend hours scrapping off ice, I mean HOURS. I want all the ice to go away. All of it. Which is mostly unreasonable. Plus rationally, I know it isn't going to matter if I have that little chunk from the roof or not, but man, oh man, would I like to get it off. It is one of those little things that people who have lived with me notice, like they know if we take my car someplace we don't drive until all the windshield and side and back windows have been cleared. ALL. The. Way. I never have been able to understand the people who just drive with the tiny little circle in front of the driver cleared off. How can they possibility stand that? Not only do I want to kick the sludge off theirs cars I want to scrap their windows too!
This is the cross I must bear, the need to clear off every ones cars.....


Kristel said...

you can come do my car anytime. I hate doing the scrapping and slug kicking!

Sarah said...

I totally hear you, Lynne. I like kicking stuff of my car (so does Zane!) and obsess to get all the ice off my driveway!