Sunday, January 31, 2010

Because we don't know eachother...

I just got notice someone new if renting my old apartment. I am pleased, really. It was a super cool place. And other than my eternal struggle to get mediacom to work there. I loved the heck out of that place. I heard that former children of the white house leaves a letter to the next inhabitants, sharing advice, and one must assume, great hide-and-go-seek locations. If I could leave the next person living in 826 1/2 some advice it would be: Don't freak out when Wal-Mart online doesn't acknowledge your address is real. Spell out one half. Embrace that wall paper. I know, it is crazy, but also super hella fun. I wish I had more pictures with it. Stand under the skylight as much as possible. Who else can say they have a skylight- In. Their. Kitchen. Order things online, UPS and Fedex both deliver twice a day because of the businesses below, and who doesn't love walking down the stairs to a package?
Love it, I sure did.

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