Thursday, August 25, 2011

Accessorizing with Lynne

I got so many compliments on my outfit today I decided it must be documented. For the record my office is allowed to dress causal until after Labor Day- hence the jeans.
lips: fiery by tarte
eye shadow: combo of shag by Urban Decay and stray dog also by Urban decay
eye liner: zero by Urban Decay
blush: vibrant 24 by neutragena
 Here is the overall shot- I have been rocking the bright lip lately, unfortunately I haven't quite find one with staying power, this one looks good for approximately 1 hr or until you eat anything. But it is easy to apply and I like the color. Any makeup pros out there with tips for lasting lips? Also for the record the eye color and hair are God given (hair has much help from Rebecca @Bekahstyle)

head band: Gold Leaf goddess look- target clearance section
Like I said above the headband I found on clearance, and although I think it is a bit of a bold statement I went for it for a couple of reasons: I have paid more for a cup of coffee than this thing cost me, I think my dark hair really helped pull it off, and I am a goddess so I should look like it right? Only drawback it after 10 plus hrs of wearing it hurts- it is definitely made of real metal.
Necklace: Gift from Great- Grandma Johnson
I have had the necklace since I was about 15, my great grandmother gave it to me one Christmas, I distinctly remember her saying I probably wouldn't appreciate it then, but the beads were from the holy land and she wanted me to have it. Great Grandma was probably right, but I kept it, I loved it, it just took me years to learn how to properly accessorize with it. I remember the beads were from Jerusalem, but she never stated where the pendant came from, it looks so similar to the painted plates I remember from childhood: someone from my family must have painted it. When I don't double or triple it up, it hangs way past my waist. It is lovely and delicate and is a beautiful reminder of my great grandmother. I have always envisioned it as my something old on my wedding day- here's hoping it can still be.
earrings: forever 21
The earring are from forever 21- I am sure I didn't spend more than 1.99 on them. They have just the right amount of blue in them to go with a ton of my clothes. However they are gold and don't get that much wear due to my abundance of silver jewelry- if this headband gets a lot of wear, so will these earrings
Tang Top: Old Navy Clearance, Shrug Dress Barn
I got the blue and white tang top on super clearance at old navy- I paid less than 10 bucks for it, I have pared it with both the navy shrug in the picture and a white cardigan before, I like the navy look a bit better and I think it accessorized better.

Everything went with a dark wash jean (again from old navy) and gold sandals, although I like pairing red shoes with anything navy. Plus who doesn't love a pop of color with any outfit? I think this a pretty perfect outfit for a causal Friday, I don't really have the right shade of dress pant to pull it off during the week.

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Kristel said...

Love it!
PS can you start shopping for me? I can never find stuff this good for these good of prices!