Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Footloose: A distracted review

This past weekend Directv was having a free Cinemax preview and I took the opportunity to dvr like every movie ever. Including: Footloose. I am a little shocked I haven't ever seen the original as I have watched all John Hughes movies and Dirty Dancing more times than any person ever should admit to, second only to the number of times I have seen Clueless. Plus Kevin Bacon is like totally a Baldwin in it, before being a Baldwin was even invented. However after watching Footloose in its entirety, if perhaps admittedly in a distracted manner (I was making homemade chicken pot pie) I may have found out why this movie never made an appearance into my life before.

While I found the music amazing, Almost Paradise, Holding out for a Hero, and naturally Footloose, I couldn't quite get over where the music was being used in the movie. Holding out for a hero- perhaps one of the most underrated songs ever heard used in a Tracker Chicken Race. Really Chicken with trackers? Only Hollywood would put vehicles that cost more than the average American can imagine racing each other until one falls into a creek. Do you really want to hold out for a hero that has no sense of value?

A shocking amount of domestic violence- which is apparently no big deal to like anyone? First the preacher slaps his daughter (clearly portrayed in the heat of the moment and he does express repentance- but his wife witnesses this and says nothing? really???) Later this same girl gets seriously beat up by her thug boyfriend- He drives away, she ends up on the ground bleeding with a black eye. Which other than a call to Kevin Bacon to come and get her leads to no comments about this abuse? She walks around the next scenes of the movie with a shiner- but no big deal because she has her sun glasses on.

Ren (how have we not gotten to the ridiculous names?- we also have a girl named Rusty) is an amazing gymnast for no other reason then to be pushed out off school activities and to have a slamming, if improbable angry dance scene at a deserted mill.

While like I liked Ren (Kevin Bacon), Rusty (Sarah Jessica Parker), and the friend (Chris Penn) - I hated Ariel, I found absolutely nothing redeemable about her, she constantly exhibited reckless and annoying behavior.

So to be honest not my favorite, but fun moments and good music.

p.s. While I don't remember any times where my parents absolutely wouldn't let me watch a movie as a child I have two memories of censorship, I vividly recall having to leave the room when Patrick Swayze gets murdered in Ghost (to this day I don't think I have ever seen that part of the movie) and when visiting a friends house during 2nd or 3rd grade my friends older sister was watching Dirty Dancing and we couldn't watch where Johnny and Baby finally hook up. So perhaps Patrick Swayze just isn't suitable for young kids

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