Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wherein all things happen at once

Life is a changing once again. Work has been a bit hectic, as I have been working a minimum of 5 hours of overtime a weeks for at least 2 months. Not only are we busy but things are changing. We have lost a couple of senior members of our team to promotions or other opportunities (which is sending EVERYONE scrambling). And not only are we busy, we have moving, again. Last February we were told a bigger more important, i.e. department that makes actual money for the company, department needed our space. So boom- we got the boot to Downtown Des Moines. By April we had moved. It has been great, my commute is almost exactly the same- the downtown traffic is a bit busier in the evening but nothing much changed. I really enjoyed being so close to all the activities going on all summer. But as it turns out- again another department wants our space. So now we are headed back to West Des Moines- however a new campus once again, well will be behind the Perkins on Jordan Creek Parkway (proving that my life revolves around Perkins). So now I will try not to get to attached to any space. I can't say I loved the new building, the cubicles were more isolating- you would be surprised what 8 inches of height on a cubicle wall can do for your privacy- but I adore my new neighbors. Hopefully I won't loose those in the move. Things keep changing and I am trying to keep up! Sounds like I need a vacation!

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