Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Switch: more than impressed

This weekend I DVR'd The Switch. And it was actually a pretty impressive movie. General plot is that Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) decides to have a child on her own. However, she is uncomfortable with the idea of never knowing the sperm donor- she states she wants to look him in the eyes- so she purchases the goods from someone she can meet. Her best friend Wally (Jason Batemen) is a neurotic overly truthful guy with bad fashion choices she put in the "friend zone" some 6 years prior. Through a series of mishaps all performed in various levels of drunkness Wally in his words his "hijacks Kassie's pregnancy" although this is not discovered until 7 years later. I will admit the first half of the movie it s bit crazy, mostly the whole idea of a insemination party, where the drunken switch takes place, was a little hard for me to swallow. But actually the rest of the movie makes sense. When Kassie realizes she is pregnant she moves home to MN because is it is a better place to raise a child- which allows you to believe she and Wally are now parted and don't have the similarities between man and child in front of them 24-7. After 7 years Kassie moves back to NY and Wally finally meets Sebastian, a neurotic easily depressed- yet determined child, he at first is put off by his odd-ness. But as the movie progresses and Wally unravels the truth he becomes endeared to Sebastian and now cannot risk losing either him or Kassie from his life. Kassie in the meanwhile is pursing the man she believes to be Sebastian's "seed guy" there is a whole touching scene where Kassie explains Sebastians birth story. Mostly I was entirely enchanted by Jennifer Aniston, Jason Batemen, and the young actor playing Sebastian. Totally worth a redbox rental!

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