Sunday, August 4, 2013

4th of July Run

 I have been trying to complete at least one 5K each month since February. Ever since then I have been trying to run a race on an actual holiday. I kept looking in vain for St Patrick's day, after I couldn't find a 5K for that (Des Moines only had a 10K) I tried to find a local Memorial Day race, no dice. I was determined to find a 4th of July race. I knew lots of the smaller towns around the area had them but the first one I could find registration information for was the Waukee Boy Scout Troop 178 fun run. It was a relatively small race, about 150 runners between the 5K and the kids mile race. I was really hoping to get a personal best because the course would be less crowded and the weather was perfect for running, not to hot hardly any wind. Everyone lined up looked like serious runners, I couldn't spot any walkers in the crowd. I chatted up one girl wearing Dam to Dam shorts- she saw I was wearing my Dam to Dam tank top, she was a pretty serious runner she had completed the 20K dam to dam but it was nice to get to talk to someone while waiting to race, especially because it didn't start on time. There was a girls high school cross country team running "for practice" they pretty much blew away the field and racked up the under 19 awards. The annoucer said the course was a bit short so everyone should expect a personal best (bonus! I will take it even though it wasn't a true 5K)

Once the race started I was astounded how fast the crowd was. People where taking off in full sprints. I tend to start to fast but settle into a good pace by 1/2 mile. But this crowd was going FAST. I knew I shouldn't even try to keep up them so I quickly stopped trying to pace myself with anyone else and just run my own race. Unfortunately this meant I was alone for most of the race, not that this is the worst thing, it just doesn't help me push myself very well. Ran my first mile in 9:46, the fastest I have ever done in a race.

The Boy Scouts where all over the course. Their job was stand at every intersection and turn to ensure you went the right way. Most of them where teenagers, the ones standing alone were better cheerers, they actually clapped and said good job, but the ones with a friend where often just on their phones texting and would look up every once and while to point in the right direction. Still since there weren't any spectators on the course it was nice to have someone say good job. Especially since although I knew I was running a really good race I couldn't see the pack of the rest of the runners.

The last mile was a bit rough- uphill, a boys cross country team must have just been practicing and passed me with what I felt was a blistering pace, and I had to run right past some gross road kill, where were those boy scouts when I needed them? I started to kick it into gear once I could see the school. My watch was telling me a could get a new record time! Finished with 31.09 (a personal best and 3rd in my age division, only 3 women in my age division finished but still I take top 3 finishes anywhere I can get them)

There were lots and lots of door prizes I stayed hoping the would hand out awards for the top 3 in each division but they only did top finishers, didn't even get a door prize but I enjoyed my fruit!
Race Ready
I ended up with such a low bib number I think I must have been one of the very first people to sign up!

8 races complete

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