Sunday, August 4, 2013

Greenbelt Trail

One of favorite parts of living in the Des Moines area would be the extensive trail system. If you are patient enough to learn how to read the confusing trail maps and don't mind going to multiple city website you can get almost any where in Des Moines by Trail. I live in West Des Moines, but I am boarding both Waukee and Clive. I tend to take the Clive Greenbelt trail a lot. Here are some pics of my favorite areas.

There are often these picturesque bridges off the trail and into neighborhoods. These one leads towards Hickman in the rich, rich Clive section. (the houses are huge)

Beautiful views (lots of bugs when it rains)

All of these pictures were taken on a bike ride and I thought the view from my basket was pretty impressive.

I often run on these stretch. It is near 128th street if you now West Des Moines/Clive. 

The house that this little candy shop? sits in the back yard of is for sale. Does anyone want to buy a 4 bedroom with an indoor/outdoor pool and these adorable little candy playhouse in the backyard? I love it because when I can see it I know I am done running!

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