Sunday, August 4, 2013

Run for Reading

Dallas had to be in our cousin pic!

Sisters! I made her do this selfie so I could compare it to our other race selfie from February.

Noelle was hiding...

Then she decided to let us see her!

Dallas's face! I love how serious he can get right as I take the photo

He wanted one of just him!

Emily took one of us showing off our medals. Dallas is wearing Laura's.

We were all winners! Everyone placed in their age divisions. Cousins dominated the award ceremony!

Staring directly into the sun, showing off our winners medals.

Was he eating it?

Noelle, Emily, Dallas, Laura and Grandma F

Noelle, Emily, Dallas, Laura and Grandma F (she didn't mind that we didn't shower before visiting)

Another Cousin plus Dallas pic!
The Run for Reading race was the best ever! Ever! Not only did I get run with all my favorite family members but the weather was perfect, it was for a great cause Clarence Library fund, and I WON 1st place in my age division. This was kind of a pipe dream for the bucket list. I think I got lucky and all the 20-29 year olds were playing in the softball turnament rather than running that morning. But I had a personal best. My watch was stopped at 30:13 (new PB) and I ran the 1st mile in 9:16, the fastest I have ever run a mile. It was amazing getting to see everyone. I don't get to that side of the state nearly often enough. Thank you so much Sue for being an amazing host! Can't wait to do it again next year.

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