Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Gift Countdown!

I am finally all done with Christmas. Everyone was very generous and I snagged some awesome gifts! Everything was really great but some items have gotten immediate use. Naturally I loved the Office day by day calendar I received, I think it would definitely top my list as the favorite but I cannot use it until the 1st, I have already read an entire book that I got from a gift card to Barnes and noble, I have repeatedly used the I-pod speaker dock I received, moving it to various locations around the house (soon I think it will live at the office so I need to enjoy at home while it is here!), Last night when I got home I immediately opened and set up the cosmetic mirror I got- realized how large my pores were and made up a facial.- It is exactly what I wanted but part of me was happier when I wasn't aware of all the junk on my face! I don't have to return to work until the 5th so I am going to start concentrating on my apt. Maybe I will rearrange!

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