Thursday, December 18, 2008

Steal of the day...

I have been lately experiencing a problem every time I am out shopping.... I am supposed to be shopping for others for Christmas and I am stumbling across all these great deals for me. Today I was at Theisins and looking for some gifts for others and I find this great Columbia coat. It isn't quite warm enough for winter but is warmer than fleece and waterproof. It is perfect for work. Down in the logistics side of things it is getting pretty cold I have been trying to get by with just fleece sweatshirts but it is still too cold. This zip up coat is perfect, no hood and warm. Originally $100.00, it was already discounted 25% but to make things better there was an unadvertised sale of an additional 30% off! What a steal at only 52.60! But that is not all.... Yes it gets better- My work throws in $50.00 every year for winter weather clothing. So awesome. So after taxes and the refund from work I snagged an originally 100.00 coat for $6.80. Obliviously I couldn't pass that deal up. It wouldn't have been my first choice of colors but for a work coat that I am only investing $6.80 into beggars cannot be choosers!

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