Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Productive Day

I got up today and decided not to lazy and lay around my apartment- although that was secretly what I really wanted to do. Instead I showered and headed off to Des Moines, I had a Barnes & Noble gift card burning a hole in my pocket and a return to take there. It was a pretty worthwhile day, although I didn't find what I really wanted at the bookstore I always seem to walk out with plenty to read! I also headed to Kohl's and picked up some picture frames, one for a photo I purchased in Seattle and another for a photo I finally got around to printing off. Next I headed to the Mall, all I really wanted was a burrito from Chitpole but the line was long and there was no where to sit so I decided to head into the mall and look around. I snagged a pair of jeans from Maurices and finally picked up my Burrito! It completely hit the spot I was revitalized and decided to take one last trip to Target. At Target I found two shirts on clearance, and Christmas wrapping paper 75% off (you all will see it next year). But best of all I found Grey's Anatomy Season 4 on sale for 19.99 and Bones Season 3 on sale for 19.99- Both were on my Christmas list but up until now had been pretty pricey- Grey's had been like 59.99 bucks for several months- for a strike shortened season that seemed excessive. I was completely happy to see them both for so cheap. All and all I had a pretty awesome shopping excursion. Tonight I have been trying some techniques at cleaning the camel back trunk I got from my grandpa's. It is going to take some elbow grease but I think it will turn out pretty snazzy- at the very least a lot cleaner! Sadly some dishes and the vacuum is calling my name- so I am off to get some more cleaning done!

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Laura said...

I finished Knit Two, it was good. Not an equal to the first. Did you enjoy all the Rome parts?