Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Here is a picture of my Christmas tree right after I put it up. I don't think it looks quite as polished as last year- I got pretty frustrated and ready to stop after the light phase. As you can tell I have a lot more on top of the lights! I have added a couple of new ornaments this year, I got into the dutch mode and now have a Sinkerclaus (that spelling may be entirely off) and a dutch star with a windmill on it. Luckily the traditional blue colors fit right in with the loose theme I was working with. In addition I had the pleasure of shopping locally- these little old ladies running the stores during the day love me! In other holiday news, I am starting to feel the crunch when it comes to Christmas shopping. I have all but a couple figured out- but my first family Christmas is Saturday! So definitely need to get more dedicated. UPS is kind of bumming me out- I have had a package that has been in Des Moines since Sunday- last time I checked that was only 40 miles away, clearly they are too busy to be getting me my packages! I picked up a couple of more gifts this morning so the wrapping paper is calling my name!

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