Thursday, June 10, 2010

I wish that I was Jesse's Girl

So true confessions time. Out of the massive amount of people I know who watch Glee, I might have been the only person truly convinced that Jesse St. James wasn't a straight up bad guy. Like for realsy- I just kept saying Glee is going to win him over. He won't be able to resist the positive powers of Glee. I mean come on- he is going to really super like Rachel, he is going to stay in New Directions and help them win at Regionals. Clearly I was/am diluted. Even after the episode where it became clear that he was infiltrating New Directions and Rachel with his Glee Director's (who is also Rachel's mom) encouragement, I held strong to the idea that he would end up on the Good side- the Glee side. I don't like being wrong, I especially don't enjoy being wrong about shows I really like. But I will survive and pretend that deep down he is playing for the Glee side.

I think I truly, truly clung on to the idea that Jesse could stick around in the long term because I very much love the way that Lea Michelle's and Jonathan Groff's voices blend, and have ever since I heard them on the Original Broadway Cast recording of Spring Awakenings. If you haven't seen/heard the musical I completely encourage you to.  It is magical- so are they, and there goes my dream of being Jesse's Girl...

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