Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why is it sill there?

Conversations with Emily have always been adorable, and no more so then the one I had with her Friday night:
(a little background- I have three small stars tattooed on my right foot. Emily has seen them many many times before, she usually just points at them and says "stars" at which point I say "yes, those are stars" the end)

Emily: "Why is it still there?" (pointing at my tattoo)
Me: "Emily, those are always there"
Emily: "But why? Mine come off."
Me: "Mine are permanent, they stay on all the time, no matter how much I wash them."
Emily: "Sometimes, I have tattoos, here or here (pointing at her arm, and leg) but then I rub them, and they come off."
Me: "Yeah I think your Mom likes it that way."

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