Monday, June 21, 2010

Friday night my siblings and I threw a retirement party for my Father and Step mom. I had a great time seeing everyone.- baby Charley is getting big- and is too darn cut for words. Dallas seemed all grown up to me, he was communicating with more words than the last time I saw him- and was so darn cute when he laughed. Plus he blew me kisses as he was leaving, my heart melted for sure. That little man is a going to be a lady killer. Emily is talking up a storm as usual. She and I both had yellow dresses for the party and we danced the evening away. By the time I captured this picture Emily and I might have been a bit sweaty- but really who wasn't? Dad and Barb were quite popular dozens of people braved the storm and heat to help them celebrate retirement!

Dallas loved wearing my glasses!

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