Friday, June 5, 2009

Film Friday

This week's pick: Death Race
This week I was multi-tasking while watching movies, so I am not going to pretend I gave it my full attention- but really I didn't need to. This is a freaking Jason Statham movie! Really that is all you need to know. In one of his movies all I want is- him beating the crap outta someone (check) Driving sweet cars -fast and reckless like (check) Listening to his unusually awesome accent (check). In this movie I also got the bonus of Joan Allen- slumming with Action B-movie stars.
I liked it bordering on loved it- Jason Statham rarely steers me in the wrong direction, I saw transporter 2 in the movie theatre for goodness sakes! I appreciate him for what he is- freaking awesome, and also someone who's movies you don't take too seriously.

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