Monday, June 8, 2009

Flip and Tumble...

A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon some pretty awesome reusable shopping bags: Flip and Tumble. It really seems that reusable shopping bags have become the en vogue thing to do- every store sells them- and honestly I have been tempted multiple times to pick a couple up. The main drawbacks to them were always the same- 1) Company Logo big on the bag- call me crazy but I hate going to HyVee with a Wal Mart sack, and vice versa. 2) They didn't look super sturdy- I buy heavy things and carry them long distances. 3) How would I ever remember to take them with me to use them the next time? (most of my shopping being done directly after work- not planned out ahead of time)

A major win for this bag- The handle is long enough to carry on the shoulder- this helps when you buy heavy stuff.

It's unique design- it folds up into this little ball (about the size of an apple) When you are done unloading your stuff- fold it up, throw it back into purse- I have yet to forget to take it with me!

Not only are they strong- they look really, super cute. I brought three: Pink, Blue, and Purple. Now I can be stylish, not advertise for a store, save the environment. Sweet deal! I can fit about two regular plastic bags worth of stuff into this bag. It is strong enough to haul a half gallon of milk and several can goods-plus other stuff without much effort. The shoulder strap has some felt on the top to keep it some slipping off. They are definitely more expensive than the bags you would buy at the store- but so far I feel they have definitely proven their worth. I am 100% completely happy about the purchase! I feel good about helping the environment and saving some money too- I have gotten several rebates for using my own bag at the store!


Kristel and John said...

haling things remind me to ask how are your workouts going?

saxyanne said...

Lynne! I bought four and I'm very excited about going shopping now! Yay great colors, I <3 these bags too!