Thursday, June 4, 2009

A reason to watch TV again...

If you read this blog- you know that saying I enjoy TV, is putting it mildly. But ever since the season finales in May- I haven't had much of a reason to watch prime time. That all Changes tonight. Burn Notice is debuting its 3rd season at 8. It is a show that I would probably completely miss and ignore if it played during the fall- Thursday nights are already packed with shows I love, and Spy TV wouldn't be my first choice. But lucky for it, and me, this show typically debuts new episodes in the summer. I kind of love it- plus it routinely gives out spy tips- not that I have explosives laying around or get into lots of fights- but oh if I did! (I might be able to do something) Plus the main character ain't to shabby to look at either! This is one of those shows that I imagine men and women would enjoy watching together- action for the men, (plus all the women in swimsuits in Miami probably doesn't hurt) compelling stories, jokes and a good looking man for the ladies! What more could you ask for? In the summer- nothing!

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LukeFromHighAve said...

I just started watching this show. I'm still catching up on the first season, but it's pretty good.

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