Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Would you rather?

I would like to start out this post with the disclaimer: I really do love, Love, LOVE my parents. Ok? For reals. I do.
A couple of weekends ago I was hanging out with my friends. One of them has an actual honestly not great relationship with her parents (don't worry her in-laws LOVE her), I, on the other hand have one of those relationships with my parents where there is a lot of love, yes, but also they occasionally do or say things that crush little parts of my soul. Like once my Mom told me I was not exactly what you would call a "planned child" (but they love me anyway). To top this off, I tell my sister this bit of information and she says: "Oh my god, do you think you are why they got divorced?" Glee thanks sis- because I really wanted to face the fact that I was unwanted and the possible beginning of the end for my parents all in one moment! For the record my parents love me (or at least this is what I am telling myself). Anyway so this friend of mine and I have occasionally played: Would you rather. I am hanging out with my friend, and her husband asks me if I would rather have my parents dress me up and force me to participate in homemade music videos that they would then post on youtube for all to see (which is what my friend was currently doing with her turtle) OR have my parents forget my birthday (which for the record has happened to me- when all I wanted was to have my Dad call my and tell me: "Oh youngest child of mine- I love you more than your brother and sister- even though your sister has given us two grandchildren and your brother lives closer and knows how to fix stuff- oh yeah and the fact that you called multiple times during college asking for money, never mind that sweetie- I love you most!" Is this really too much to ask for, once a year people? Really?) I thought about this for a second- because really I don't think that youtube thing sounds so bad, there are like a million videos on there and it is unlikely anyone would find a couple that my parents made where they dressed me up in sparkly spandex and made me lip-sync to the spice girls-right? Unless I was going to be President or something... because then the youtube thing would suck. And if you were running for President you can use the forgetful parents as leverage for more sympathy votes. So I tell my friends that it would be worse to have them forget my birthday, but if you think your kids are going to be the next President refrain from making those videos.

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Kristel said...

would you rather eat pie or eat (cheese) cake