Thursday, June 11, 2009

Design Dilemma

Ok guys- I have a Design Dilemma. I picked up this seriously awesome canister at Target last weekend. It was 100% to good to pass up, but now were do I put it? I think the pears will clash with all the pineapples in the kitchen.
So what is left? On the desk, guest bedroom (which would make me slightly sad- because I would likely see it less in there) Bedroom or Bathroom? Any thoughts?????


Rachael said...

It could definitely be cute in either the bedroom or bathroom, depending on what kind of color scheme you have going on.

It's so cute! I couldn't have passed that up either.

call me Laura said...

I forget this designer, but several peeps in blog world are obsessed with their new stuff for Target. I think it is cute

Kristel said...

I'm thinking get a few more things with fruit and use it i the kitchen. The color schemes work well in your kitchen and it would be cute in there for your spatulas and turners. If you don't like that my vote is for the bathroom or living room for flower (fake or real) on your coffee table or computer desk.

Amy said...

That is so darling! I bought one of her tumblers and love it!