Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reality Roundup...

Let us start with Top Chef. Again I am still enjoying Top Chef Las Vegas way more than Project Runway. Maybe it is because I haven't picked a favorite for runway yet, or because I may hate the commericals on lifetime. But anyway, I digress, Top Chef.
Judges! The wise words you say!
Drama, Drammma, Drammmma. And I loved it! During the quickfire Preeti used Ashley's (remember whiny Ashley from last week?) water- and OMG- got greens in it. After a hurried beat down, Preeti threw that water out, but OMG what?!? Now Ashley only has 13 minutes to boil water -people- this could be a crisis! It was really awesome to have everyone yell at each other- Jennifer (my fav lady) took the time to tell us that Ashley took it easy on Preeti, man do I want to see what kind of tongue lashing Jennifer would have whipped out. Jennifer wins the quickfire, and she is happy because not being in the top three during the last elimination annoyed her (she was automatically disqualified because the women didn't win). For the elimination challenge the team gets to cook for 300 members and the family's of the air force. The catch? They must use the food in the mess hall- which they do not know what it is until they arrive. For the must part they all react well to the challenge. They put Jennifer in charge, and the rest work in teams of 2. Oh yes people we get to see Jennifer kick some butt. She definitely stops the off subject talk- (something about a brewery.) Again the men in general kick the women's butt. Michael (one of the brothers wins the elimination challenge)- and told us- in case we had forgotten that that makes he and Bryan tied for elimination wins. In a twist- Michael's team member Mike (who apparently didn't really do anything other than help serve the winning dish) ends up in the bottom 3 because of his crappy "greek salad". And boy is he pissed- naturally his excuses are super lame, like it was an extra dish and he was even iffy about serving it- to which the Judges pointedly say- Well then you shouldn't have served it. He gets by- Mike is probably the man I don't like the most, in my opinion you don't piss of the judges, and he voice annoys me. (yes this are little things, but its my blog I can say what I want) The women are dropping like the flies and I don't mind at all, get em out. Preeti goes- mostly because two weeks in a row she doesn't seem to understand why she is in the bottom three.

Project Runway-

"I wanted to work with someone who could carry me on this challenge"

Lamer words may never have been said on the runway. This episode was a bit of a letdown- the designers worked in pairs- which is usually pretty awesome : a.k.a. DRAMA. But alas only 1 couple really, really didn't get along, and they mostly just said, "I'm done, I'm done" over and over again. Mitchell- the lame-o and Ra'mon didn't exactly get along but I think it was mostly edited out to show Mitchell's self defeat- he starts with the carry me comment, just wants to be safe, jokes about being auf'ed. Hey jerk- some people are trying to win- so JUST QUIT- you aren't even trying. In a surprise the judges ask for a 2nd avant-garde outfit. Everyone freak outs. I can honestly say I didn't like any teams looks this week. I would like one, but not the other, I totally had no clue who would end up on top or on bottom. Mitchell and Ra'mon are on top with Johnny and his partner. Ra'mon wins, and in an apparent Top Chef twist- Mitchell ends up in the bottom three. Thank the lord when they finally get rid of him. I hope Nicolas keeps up his promise to help pack Mitchell.

What are your thoughts this week? Did the right peeps pack their knives or get auf'd?

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