Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why I should be Zooey Deschanel

Yes it is true- Zooey is quite possibly one of my favorite people ever, you can read about my love for all things her- here and here. There are like a million reasons I would like to be her. And here are some of them....
1) Her Hair- I have waxed on about it like a million times, I love it, her bangs, how it always looks good, the very retro vibe she seems to be able to rock at any moment. LOVE IT. Granted if I was a movie star someone would probably be doing my hair a lot and it might, just might look just as good.
2) Clothes- again maybe if I were a movie star something would be dressing me. But I love, love LOVE her retro look.
3) Her Sister- Emily Deschanel. I am a big fan of both of the Deschanel sisters. I would pick to be Zooey just so Emily could be my older sister. Granted I already have pretty much the coolest sister on the planet, but I figured it cannot hurt to throw in another awesome one. Plus with access to Emily I would get to meet David Borenaz, and learn more about the Bones spoilers. Sweet yo!
4) Singing- have you heard her sing? nuff said.
5) Her Fiance is Ben Gibbard- from several of my all time favorite bands- Death Cab for Cutie, and The Postal Service
6) Movies- all the amazing movies she has been in, and who she has been in them with.
7) The very hopeful possibility she could end up guest staring on Bones.

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call me Laura said...

yes, but she is gluten intolerant and vegan, no fun on the food front