Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So have you heard? Kayne West is defending the underprivileged now. Sunday night at the MTV VMA (video music awards) Kayne interrupted Taylor Swift while she was accepting her award for best female video of the year (I think... I didn't do fact checking for this). His reason for interrupting? Simple- Beyonce should have won, in his opinion it was the best video of the decade. It is awesome how much attention this one incident is getting- I think if you tally it up Kayne has publicly apologized like a gazillion times now. And I am so sure he means it. Remember back in the day when Kayne used to throw fits for every single award he didn't win? He is like the king of the hissy fit. I didn't actually get to see it- watching the VMA's isn't exactly my thing, but when I went on twitter- I saw everybody talking about it. I am not sure if MTV planned it, but they replayed the VMA's at least twice more Sunday night, and naturally I missed it every time.

What I really like about all of it- is even through Kayne has said he doesn't get upset about this kind of stuff anymore- is who he choose to defend. I mean it would be one thing if it was a brand new artist, or someone who has really struggled in their career, or heck even someone he helped get their start. BUT NO- Kayne decided to pick a superstar, someone who can clearly defend themselves. I mean Beyonce- is beyond famous- she can handle things herself, and I am sure she doesn't cry herself to sleep because MTV didn't give her ANOTHER award.

But then again maybe Kayne is right, I own a Taylor Swift album, and heck even own a Kayne West album- but Zero Beyonce albums- so I guess she is the underprivileged one here.

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