Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My imagination better than your reality...

I truly truly truly believe that my imagination is way better than any "reality" a movie company can come up with. Case in point : Twilight. (Don't make fun of me the Twilight series is sweeping the world). The books I read quickly and got excited when I found out they were making a movie, even went to see this movie opening weekend. (Yes I helped it go #1) But the movie- lets be serious here- very campy. Don't get me wrong I loved the eye candy Robert Patterson provided just as much as the next girl but, nobody can pull off a vampire snarl, except for maybe an actual vampire (which you know it not going to happen). Also everyone made a huge deal about how the music was going to be so amazing because several of the musicians on the soundtrack were huge fans and wrote the songs especially for the movie. But me, when I read it associated completely different music. (Specifically - Placebo: Meds- pretty much the whole album but especially inferred, running up that hill, and drag) So the movie was a let down, I mean other than the obvious problems that every book adaptation have (cutting out portions of the plot to make the movie bearable time wise), it just didn't live up to all the hype for me. Everyone is going crazy about it again because of the DVD release (often DVD makes things better for me- I am a sucker for special features and commentary tracks). Did anyone spring for the DVD? Is it worth it? So movie companies if you insist on continuing to adapt books into movies (which - yeah you do) you had better put some killer special features on that DVD or you have lost my purchase!

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