Monday, March 30, 2009

Sad work hair

Today I have sad work hair. What is sad work hair? Sad work hair is the kind of hair that can only dream about a life free of inhibitions and limitations. It dreams of times where it can run free and feel the wind whipping through it. Sad work hair has a dream of a place where safety regulations and policies do not apply. Sadly it is only a dream- in reality this hair must be restrained and pulled. It cannot run free. This is why today I have sad work hair. (I finally stopped tiptoeing over of the line of safety violations and pulled my hair back into a sad pony tail today- that required many many a clip to hold back the rest of the layers.)

1 comment:

Rebecca Kirkpatrick said...

Oh no Lynne, sad work hair sounds, well, SAD! And A girl has enough on her plate already then having to worry about having a bad hair day! Keep that hair happy by getting a protien treatment or shine glissening spray! Sorry to hear you had a bad hair day!