Monday, March 30, 2009

Pick my newest obsession

After talking to Laura this weekend she thinks I should start watching the TV show 24, because as history has shown us, I always love the same shows she does but only I get into them a year or two behind her. I threw out the fact I was thinking maybe I should start getting into Lost- because everyone and their Mom seem to love, LOVE that show. And then there is always Heroes - people seemed to love that show too. The trouble with all of theses shows are the fact I would have to catch up on multiple seasons. Or I could start watching this new show Castle- with my fave Nathan Fillion- only problem there is the large possibility it will get canceled. Please take a few minutes and take my poll- determine my next obsession!


Kristel said...

John says all of those suck and you should watch arrested devlopment

Lynne said...

You should tell John Arrested Development has been off the air for like 5 years and plus I own every episode already.