Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This I love- and you should too!

Ok I love movies, I love music, I love any combination thereof. Behold : Once. I stumbled upon
this little gem of a movie about a year and half ago. It completely rocks my world! Everyone needs to see this movie and here is why.
1) It is a musical without being annoying. ( It isn't over processed - no big dance numbers. It is all about the music)
2) Set in Dublin, Ireland we get to enjoy yummy accents!
3) Most of the movie was shot on the cheap (The director actually intended for it to be shot on a micro budget) Many of the shots were done illegally without permits.
4) THE MUSIC- probably don't need to say more but- really really awesome music. I have been listening to the soundtrack on my ipod all day.
5) The Music (again) Nominated and Won an Oscar in 2008 for Best original song (Falling slowly).
6) The Oscars (back when the actually let Oscar nominated songs be performed in their entirety Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova rocked the house with their performance) They managed to beat out a song from the movie August Rush and I think three (maybe only two) from Enchanted.
7) The Oscar speech, when Marketa was mistakenly cut off before she could make her acceptance speech Jon Stewart brought her back out and she gave a touching speech about always following your dreams.
8)The two stars Hansard and Irglova are actually musicians not actors (so the music is really really good as mentioned above! and the acting is not half bad either!)
9) During the press tour for the movie Hansard and Irglova fell in love and are still a couple. Who needs Brangelina? or Any other celebrity couple for that matter these two have it all! Plus their kids would be so freaking musically talented it would rock the world.
There are so many more reasons to watch and love this movie- so get to it!

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