Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting...

Not the movie, (you know, the one that made everyone realize their love for Elizabeth Shue) the real deal. Last Friday I had the privilege of babysitting for two of my favorite people in the world. Things started out smoothly, Laura left us coloring, and Dallas was entertaining himself. Emily, little leader that she is, was directing which colors I could use and where I could be coloring, which is cool, I can take orders from a 2 1/2 year old. (She did prefer I color with purple- because it matched my shirt) It slowly started to creep toward lunch time and after a few minutes of questioning my little boss, we decided a PB&J sandwich would be ok. At this time Dallas wasn't entertaining himself anymore, so I decide to take him with me. The people watcher in Em, apparently could not handle that, both Dallas and I had escaped her watch so came to join us. Which ended up being very helpful - she knows where everything in the kitchen was. This is where things got a bit hairy- Dallas refused to be put down, being held was the only option. Have you ever made a PB&J sandwich with one hand? Not so easy. Plus I had my little boss carefully watching my every move. I quickly learned that although I was raised along side Laura, I perhaps did not my sandwich making skills from her.
Lynne: Do you want Peanut Butter on both sides?
Em: (This part is mostly a questioning look, shakes head)
Lynne: Ok like this? (PB on one side of bread)
Em: Yes
(I go get a spoon for the Jelly)
Em: What are you getting that for?
Lynne: Because I don't want to get P.B. into the Jelly.
Em: My mommy doesn't do it like that.
Lynne: Oh, well it will still taste good.
Em: I want a small plate (I had the big plates out)
Lynne: Ok I will put it on a small plate. Do you like it cut in half?
Em: That isn't how my mommy does it...
Lynne: Does she fold it in half?
Em: (Shakes head)
Lynne: (Holding bread out to her) How does she do it?
Em: Like this (Open faced) but I like it bigger.
Lynne: (How do I make a single piece of bread bigger?) Ok... Lets get you some raisins, you want to eat those while I finish this?
Em: Yes- no not those kind, this kind (big jar)
(Em- finally sitting down, I am finishing sandwich, that is after Dallas spits up on me)
Em: My mommy heats it up for me, I want it heated up!
Lynne: Ok I will do it over, (Looking for toaster, can't find) Em, does mommy put it in the microwave?
Em: No
This is where I decide to lie to her, tell her I heated it up, give her Cheetos to distract, and convince to eat half a banana. Things went pretty smoothly after that, I rocked Dallas to sleep and managed to grab a few bites!


Shirlee said...

thought Em couldn't eat peanut butter???

Lynne said...

Laura said it was ok, plus that is what she picked out!