Thursday, April 16, 2009

Film Friday

This week's pick: The Lucky Ones.
The Lucky Ones is a story about 3 army soldiers returning from deployment in the Iraq conflict after suffering injuries. T.K. (Pena)- was shot and the shrapnel injuring him the groin area (if you know what I mean) leaving him some lasting effects. He does not want to tell his fiance (also in the army) about the injury, until he is recovered. On a 30 day leave to the U.S. he plans to go the Vegas and have some, eh, professionals, (again if you know what I mean) help him work on the problem. Colee (McAdams) sustained a injury in her leg, she is also on a 30 day leave, and also intends to travel to Vegas to meet her boyfriend's parents and return a family guitar to them, her boyfriend was killed in action protecting her. Cheaver (Robbins) an older reservist was injured when a porta-john fell on him during a camp set up, crushing several vertebrae in his back, although he sustains an injury it turns out to be a good thing, only a few days later his unit is killed in action. They all meet each other on the plane back to the U.S. As they fly into JFK, they find all of the flights out are canceled because of a storm in the northeast. Cheaver plans to get a rental car and driver to St. Louis- T.K. and Colee tag along planning to fly out to Vegas from St. Louis. They get a break at the rental counter because of their service in Iraq and get the last vehicle that was supposed to held for a boss. Throughout their drive they are commonly treated to people who thank them for their service. At a stop in a bar on the way to St. Louis Colee starts a fight with some college girls who make fun of how she walks because of her injury. T.K. and Cheaver rush to help her, and the three bond from their experience. When they get to St. Louis Cheaver's wife reveals to him that she is leaving him. His teenage son excitedly tells him that he got into Stanford University, but needs $20,000 dollars in the next 3 weeks to secure his spot. Cheaver overwhelmed with all the changes occurring freaks out, T.K. and Colee work to calm him, and become increasing concerned that he will be moved to violence or hurt himself. Instead of flying to Vegas, T.K. and Colee stay with Cheaver as he drives to Salt Lake to see his brother. They get into a car accident on the way and Colee's wound reopens, T.K. being a medic helps patch her up at a local clinic and they bond more. As they are waiting for the rental van to be fixed Colee wonders into a mega church and seeks the pastors/lords help in solving the trio's problems. They get invited to share a meal/birthday party of an extremely wealthy member of the church. Cheaver's confidence finally makes a rebound when beautiful women comes on to him at the party. T.K. and Colee cannot find Cheaver and decided they will have to stay the night, they go to the guest rooms and hear, eh hmm, yeah, where Cheaver is. As Cheaver is getting intimate with the women from the party, her husband comes to join them. T.K., Colee, and Cheaver- flee. Cheaver gets a call from his son, who says he found a way to get the money he needs for school by enlisting in the Army and getting his signing bonus. Cheaver tells him not to do it, and becomes more desperate to find a way to get the money his son needs. In Denver, Colee stops, and has the guitar appraised - she finds out that it is worth $20,000. T.K. encourages her to give the guitar to Cheaver- because it will solve his money problems and allow his son to attend Standford. Colee want to be able to help him, feels she is not able to because of her loyalty to her boyfriend, feeling his family deserves the guitar. Cheaver says that he cannot take the guitar anyway. Colee breaks down a little in the car, and in order to cheer her up, T.K. and Cheaver agree to stop and do some sightseeing. While they are stopped in a park, Colee encounter three women, who are , eh, professionals. She enlists their help to cure T.K. Although T.K. reluctantly agrees, he freaks out and claims he needs to eat food first so he goes to the store, Colee tagging along. On the way to the store, T.K. and Colee drive straight into a tornado, they hide in a drainage pipe. And Colee and T.K. discover he is "cured" Finally they all get to Vegas. T.K. is getting on plane to see his fiance and plans to return to the army. Something Cheaver strongly discourages him to do. T.K. seems to have doubts but cannot find a way out, unwilling to disappointment his family who are all in the military as well. Colee, finds her boyfriends parents, only to discover that he had a very young child. Disappointed she leaves asking to take the guitar with her. Cheaver plans to gamble to earn the $20,000 needed for his son's school. On the strip he is stopped by an Army recruiter telling him it is never to late to join. In the end they all end up returning to the army and meet up again waiting for their flight back overseas.
My thoughts- It was a pretty good movie, many funny and touching parts. As I have never been in the Army and only know a few who have been, I cannot attest to how accurate the experiences are. It it is worth a look!

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