Sunday, August 2, 2009

My bathroom is revolting....

Yep, my bathroom has decided it has had enough with me. Tonight while doing laundry- it must have decided it has had enough. 1st of all my apartment is the classiest place you could ever imagine: Yep it is. You know when you live in a classy place like me you have to "make things work", and by make things work- I mean drain your washer into the shower. Which is usually ok- because I have a system. And today I was just like- you know I have this down, no really I probably could go shopping while this happens. It was like the universe heard me and was like: Oh no you didn't. I freaking flooded most of the bathroom and part of the bedroom. Which is AWESOME. Let me tell you. What is even better is I was in the kitchen while all this happened, and just didn't hear it- that is why it all flooded vs just some of it. Oh yes- AWESOME.

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