Thursday, August 6, 2009

Staycation or Playcation?

Thanks to Laura (and fam) going on a nice little vacation this weekend- I get to do a staycation at their home. Bo and I have the run of the house. Which we will use slightly and then give back in perfect condition (hopefully my bad luck has all run out). I am pretty positive I can handle not destroying their home, but I have never taken care of a Dog before. Not even for like a half a day. Bo is pretty much the easiest animal ever to take of-he likes to be feed and the occasional ball toss. As long as I can keep him from the stuffed animals and pay attention to when he wants to be let out I think I will be golden. Tonight I even through in walk- just because I am awesome. I not sure what his normal route is- so at turns I was tempted to let him decide. Mostly we made a big loop through the neighborhood. The only thing I was paranoid about was encountering a small dog ( afraid Bo would go after it) we met one on the walk, but Bo magically restrained himself, and him pooping in someone's front yard. Yes people today we are talking about poop! I brought my plastic baggy along with me- all prepared to clean up after him if I needed to- but you can "in theory" be ready to do that, but still really really really not want to. I just hoped we would avoid that whole issues altogether. I tried to encourage Bo to use the backyard before we left, he just looked at me like I was an idiot. All along the walk I kept thinking- well if he is going to poop hopefully he will do it near the several churches we walk by and not some owners home (My thinking being- I don't want some poor homeowner watch me pick up poop off their yard, but I guess when you think about it technically I suppose God is the owner of all those churches and he is always watching, so that would have been way worse.) Luckily - no poop! (enough poop talk?- lets move on to pee) Pee on the other hand- Bo did plenty of that, after like the 3rd time I was positive he couldn't have any let , but no that didn't stop him from marking every official looking pole- everywhere. I laughed out loud when he peed on the fire hydrant- I thought only Hollywood dogs did that in movies and cartoons. I guess our Bo is a movie star! So far so good, hopefully I can keep a notoriously emotional Bo out of the depths of depression this weekend!

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