Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Please Stop.... Please

To level with everyone here: I am a huge fan of the book Pride and Prejudice. (Huge. Fan.) I have multiple copies of the original text. I have several copies of the
A&E mini-series and various other versions brought to screen. I love it. Ironically it isn't my favorite work of Jane Austen- but it was the first one I discovered and therefore the one I have the most, for lack of a better word, stuff for. I cannot even begin to tell you how many follow ups, or continuations I have read for P&P it is definitely in the double digits. Some I love, some I hate, some I just read. But all I can say now is: Please, people, please stop.... please

Why oh why must Mr. Darcy, Vampyre exist? Amanda Grange has been knocked down several million steps in my estimation: I have read several of her books- she usually writes a Diary for each of the male hero's of Miss Austen. And I enjoyed them, didn't OMG love them, but enjoyed them for sure. But it seems that everyone, everyone has to jump on the freaking Vampire bandwagon. I am done with it. Yes I read all of the twilight saga, yes I read (well started- because Kelsey still has my copy) Pride and Prejudice and Zoombies, Yes I read a book were Darcy and Elizabeth are detectives. But no more people, no more. Why can't Mr. Darcy just be Mr. Darcy?????

Oh and really what is with all the freaking Vampires???? Are literally agents just jumping on any book that involves them?

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