Friday, August 7, 2009

so much more than an obsession

Clearly I hit the breaking point. People you should start getting worried. I watched-oh, 23 hours of Lost in the last 48- yes do that math Lynne + Lost= obsession. OMG I have 14 more hours available- at my freaking fingertips! So yes, obsession. And the worst part???? I already know what happens next. I have been streaming season 3. And lets enter the truth circle (entered? right!) I have already seen most of season 4- especially the important part of it, the end. And I have read all the recaps- I know what happens, I knew what was happening. It is so good you have to watch anyway. And it seems every single episode ends in a cliff hanger. This forces me to keep going. Oh and when my computer and netflix don't get along- I FLIP out. You should have seen me when all of the sudden it decided to stop working after episode 21, oh and then again in the middle of episode 23! Talk about crazy. I completely, completely want to watch season 4 right now. But that would be a mistake. Bo might go crazy if don't let him out of doors at a descent hour tomorrow/today.

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